Revolutionizing Credential Verification with SSI.

Deploying Quick Verification Points for Self-Sovereign Identity Credentials.
Werify is your trusty companion, helping you to really integrate verifiables credentials in your business process. Experience the control to stablish your own requests and verification dinamic rules like never before in real scenarios.
Get ahead of future regulations, elevate your processes, enhance your security and be a part of the self-sovereign identity revolution innovating with Werify!

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Security and Ergonomics in your Applications.

Welcome to the future of identity verification!
Werify transforms any mobile device, tablet, web platform, or kiosk into a seamless control hub and verification point; while every successful and unsuccessful attempt to verify identity credentials or attributes is effortlessly recorded in our advanced backend. Our innovative solution offers an easy-to-use experience for both VC Holders and agents operating with our codeless verification rules engine. Werify also incorporates advanced SSI integration tools to improve access control and security of your own applications.

Why do we need Werify?

  • Because holders will carry multiple credentials in their wallet, issued by different issuers.
  • Because business processes need to establish rules and conditions to request different VCs and capture attributes.
  • Because real scenarios require dynamically deploying high-performance Werify points, both for in-person and remote processes.
  • Because business applications need to integrate credentials verification into their own user registration, authentication and/or authorization processes.

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Use your own corporative branding.

At Werify, we understand the importance of corporate branding in establishing your business's unique identity and credibility. Our platform allows you to infuse your own corporate branding seamlessly into the user experience, ensuring that every interaction reflects your brand's values and aesthetics.

Applicable in virtual, in-person and/or unattended scenarios.

Werify solves all types of processes and scenarios for your control or business needs:

  • Verification of attribute attestations.
  • Customers instant registration.
  • Citizen services - eIDAS2.
  • Professional accreditation.
  • Access control to facilities.
  • Denying access to minors.

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